Ambie and Bee work with Doterra. A company who ethically source and test their oils to ensure they are certified for therapeutic use.   We recommend our jewellery is used with Doterra oils only as we can ensure that their oils are tested and certified safe.  Each bottle of Doterra essential oil has a unique code allowing you to track its source.


Ambie and Bee support Doterra's work through sourcing their own oils ethically by giving the growers a fair price and helping to improve hundreds of  communities around the world. Doterra's Co- impact sourcing projects work with communities by building co-operative grain stores, schools and medical centres. 


Doterra have had their Deep Blue product range tested by the Cologne List the European authority that approves anti -doping products for use by athletes.

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Doterra Oils

For more information about Doterra products and their benefits, please don't hesitate to get in touch - send an email to:


Alternatively, you can join Doterra to benefit from wholesale pricing at

All wellness advocates who join Doterra through Ambie and Bee will get access to our exclusive Doterra oil support and education Facebook group. You will also recieve a free welcome goodybag and special Ambie and Bee Wellness advocate offers.